Saturday, August 27, 2011


22nd of august :
"We are still alive ! And now in Rzesznow, Poland. We are going this morning to the Ukrainian border (Medyka) to reach a contact in L'Viv."
23rd of august :
"We are arrived in L'Viv (that you can pronounce in the Ukrainian way : Luveeve, or in the Polish way : Levufv), tomorrow we'll take the road to Kiev and we hope that we'll be in Rivne Tomorrow evening."

27th of august :
"Here, in Zhytomyr, we talk with an american guy from Florida and and we eat a 15 euro-cents watermelon...(and cigarettes packs cost  0,50 euro, but I say no to temptation)". "Tomorrow we'll left to Kiev, here we'll take train to Moscow on the 2nd of september".

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cześć guys !

Yesterday we were in Cottbus (Germany) and we crossed the Polish border to Wroclaw, in four steps.
Funny fact, there is nothing written at the border to inform you that you're arriving in a new country. The driver did'nt speak english... so we were just enjoying a Franz Ferdinant CD, this one : (it will be an interactive message again)

Ok, put the music on a CD, put it in your favourite reader... and have a sit on your washing machine turned off.
Are you ready ? Ok so close your eyes... imagine

You are in a small car, driven by a polish guy who drive at 50km/h more than the speed limitation can allowed, with Franz Ferdinant at the loudest. You are on the german border... mmmmmh... now ! Turn your washing machine on ! (to have the complete experience it's very important to put the cd player on the washing machine) Well done ! You are on the polish border ! With the best roads of the world, perfectly flat, and making you trusting in your car's suspensions.

Not a lot of problem to reach Wroclaw, we even had free bus tickets, it was perfect. But I had to use my super geologist powers to be accepted by our hosters. The super heroes league won't be glad to know about it I think.
Photo de Jacek Heine

Well ! pożegnanie !

Clement and Pierre, from Wroclaw

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ich bin ein Berliner

Hey boys ! (and girlz)

We arrived in Berlin after some detours ! I will make you a little summary of our journey, because we have some minutes. Indeed we will be hosted here few days by a cool band of students, we met them... Wait a minute, I'll tell you this after, we wait our russian visa and we'll go away !

Well, to make you an idea you will need an European map (yes it's an interactive post) :

25/07 : Poitiers->Lyon
26/07 : Lyon->Annemasse
27/07 : Annemasse->Genève->Bern
28/07 : Bern->Solothurn
29/07 : Solothurn->Basel->Saint-Louis->Weil am Rhein
30/07 : Weil am Rhein->Freiburg
31/07 : Freiburg->Karlsruhe
01/08 : Karlsruhe->Stuttgart
02/08 : Stuttgart->Heilbronn
03/08 : Heilbronn->Nürnberg
05/08 : Nürberg->Amberg
06/08 : Amberg->Plzeň
07/08 : Plzeň->Praha
08/08 : Praha->Dresden
10/08 : Dresden->Berlin

Tadam  ! We met a lot of persons and we have a lot of stories in all those cities more or less written in our notebooks. You'll recieve them in... few weeks I think.

For waiting, the storie :

When we arrieved in Nürnberg, after a tiring hitchhiking day (yes, it's tiring to keep up a sign for 3 hours and smile), our last driver stopped in an inappropriate place far from the center, near a big road and some cars seller...

And we walked, hoping that the city is in this direction (Pierre kept saying that he"rêvait d'un bon bain dans une bonne auberge"* ). And after a long time our motivation completely fall down so we found a parc to rest our legs and shoulders, thinking about sleeping under a bridge.

Suddenly ! Because you never know when you'll get lucky, a nice dog stopped to smell my bag (empty of food of course, but animals love my bag I don't know why). Well, so we start talking with the dog's owner in a bad english.
We asked if she know some place away from the city, a piece of grass to plant our tent, without spending money.
Without hesitation, this lady, called Susanne, told us that she have a garden. And it was so nice so we stand two days and we met all the family except her oldest son, while visiting the city and having a student party.

Julian who live in Berlin ! What a great surprise, these people are so adorable.

The End

For the moment !

See you next time buddies ! I leave you with an amazing song !

Clément et Pierre, from Berlin.

*quote from a french movie : "La Classe Americaine". It means "he dream about a good bath in a good hostel"

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Picture from Anne Bichsel.

Today, we are in Nürnberg (Germany) after starting the 25th July from France and crossed Swiss (we keep the interesting details for the first send package)

After a lot of hitchhiking stories, we came to the country of Bern on the evening of July 27where Anne and Robert took pity usThis picture was taken the next day during a tour of the city proposed by Anne and her sons.
Kisses kisses kisses and thanks again for the welcoming of Bichsel family (the "kiss" is an idea of Pierre).