Saturday, September 24, 2011

乾杯 !

Good morning !

What's up this morning ? We're not that bad here. After arriving in Vladivostok, all went just as we planned, which is a pleasure !

We say goodbye (not without pain) to the russian sundawn, and to the lovely family of Marya, Alex and their 2 huskies.

Photograph taken by  Marya Miftakhova in Vladivostok
On the 21st, our boat leave as planned ; that's a real confort. Sauna, nightclub, karaoke... But especially full of travellers ! We're really a lot to travel around the world. We don't follow the same road, but still ! In the middle of the Corean people, we find each other.

After a halt in Donghae (South Corea) the 22nd, our team grew up with one new member :

Photograph taken by Ciaran McGrath in Donghae

His name's Kocoba ! he is really nice ! He was hanging out near the trash bins, like a real traveller ! Like us ! He's name is for "Korean Cocaine Bag", he is a kind of easy rider.they tried to find something on him in the customs, but he is a real pro. he may be heavy, it is not told we don't abandon him aboard the road, children love him, and women so ! And god knows we love childr... erm, women !

He was well received at the Daisen's Beer Festival ! Where we went just as we arrived in Sakaiminato, on the 23rd. We will probably se him on a lot of photographs of the event.

Otherwide, well... We sleep on the floor, futons are really comfy, the flat we're occupying is amazing, littles houses outside are awsome, there are electric wires everywhere, this is Japan, it's beautiful and everyone is nice with us !

Kisses from Yonago !

Friday, September 16, 2011


As agreed here we are 6 days later. We're so well rested that right now Pierre is sleeping like a log.

Here it's 11.57pm so in France it's....2h57am. The train arrived at 6h30 and some. There is something magic happening in this train that I can hardly describe,, maybe it will be clearer in my notebook ( besides I finished it we'll send it as soon as we arrive in Japan!).
Anyway jet lag is horrible, it was impossible to sleep at the right time so when we finally arrived it was really time to get some rest.

From our host's flat we can see the sea and across that sea is our next target. We'll rest and visit, our ship should leave the 21st in the afternoon and arrive on the japanese coast the 23rd !

It's a bit weird that you received all the parcels, we're exhilarate, thanks for the teasing ! I hope the pictures are good.

See you !

Arf I can't leave you like this, tribute to Pierre who had it on his mind all way long :

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A white envelope ... with bubble!

With a map and sketchbooks...a glimpse of it before sorting them out and scanning them.


The yellow box

It arrived with stamps all over it and inside where seven of them!

The colour films will have to wait until October, but the black and white...


Friday, September 9, 2011

We are now going to Vladivostok with the Transsiberian ! 6 days of rest. See you !

Clement et Pierre

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hey hey guys !
We are in Russia, in Moscow in fact !

Sorry we didn't give news since a long time but this trip take a lot of time. So What ? After Wroclaw we left to Krakow, still hitchhiking, and on this point Pierre is very useful with his super artist power graduated from Art school :

Pict by Joanna, Krakow

I'm not gonna tell you all the details about the road, something tell me that you would discover it in a couple of days (At least, I hope).
Just know that Ukraine is really awesome ! And people are very welcoming (even if they seems closed in the first impression) as you can see on this picture of us in Zhytomyr with Casey (our american hoster and friend). A little Ukrainian pict.
Pict by Heidi, Zhytomyr

Bullshit ! Ukrainians are not like that, in Kiev we've met really coolest people in the world, few students who showed us the city without stopping and who relayed themself to help us to find some place for sleeping, washing clothes or getting internet... But Pierre worry me...
Pict by Karina, Kiev

Whatever, they got a giant rabbit and you have to go in Kiev to see this !

Photo de Karina, Kiev

Thanks ! To all the nice donors of the WwT1 project for their help. Really we fell very embarrassed, thank you for trusting, we gonna do everything to give you back !

So we start the WwT2 project, that's just an add to the first one because It was already half paid by the WwT1.
If everything is ok we'll buy our transsib' tickets tomorrow ! We took a train with 3rd class couch for 14 hours from Kiev to Moscow, to have a brief idea about it, and it's quite comfortable.
Thanks again !

Bisous !


Russia !!!

In this time, when I'm writting it, I'm in my couch in Bordeaux... But when you are reading this, we are walking on the mother Russia's ground ! Well, I hope.
So, I have to show you this :

Long life to Russia !

PS : It's a google image, we didn't meet the lady yet.