Sunday, January 29, 2012

"We have a winner"

Good evening all from Australia! (I'm saying evening because I know that you come on this blog every morning with your cup of coffee..and for us its the evening!)

I apologize for the very few news but we're working from 6h to 6h monday 'til friday (and sometimes even on saturdays), but you can see that thanks to the great people who run the blog you're not forgotten =) A big thank you to all of them (It's great to see the pictures !)

So ! For those who haven't look the real-time map, we sleep and work exactly at the last point on the road to Ringwood, surrounded by kangaroos, parrots etc..

We don't really have any way of giving you nice pictures so we'll give you a nice description. 

Here it's the wet season, so 30 degrees + (and the degree sign doesn't exist on australian keyboards) and 90% humidity when its dry. We're near different farms and nothing is really done to contain vegetation, only tractors, pick-ups and other super cool camper-vans cut some paths. Few trees and high grass, it's migration  season and above us it's hundreds of wild-geese and other ducks that taunt us while we're putting bags of 35kg on pallets. 
Parrots are legion ! They're the local pigeons, white with a yellow crest on their head. And what would Australia be without small groups of kangaroos leaping here and there and without 2m high termitaries covering the plains. The only typical animals we haven't seen yet are crocodiles, as for reptiles and batrachians we have plenty; lizards, tree frogs and toads in the bathroom.

But the best part..and we'll take plenty of pictures, are the storms and the sundown...See a cumulonimbus several kilometers away unloading its fury on the plain in a reddening dawn is breath-taking. You feel the wind lashing your face, you see little whirlwind whipping up dust, it's getting closer but you can't stop looking at this gigantic mushroom, its stalk made of rain and its head full of lightnings crimsoned by the sun (anyway for those who haven't read all that: its great)


About the contest ! The van has been baptised, and has made a happy (feminine) winner Ripley.

Thanks to her offer : "Nostromo" she allowed us to find the name of our new van which is... 

Le Bebop !

Ripley will receive her present soonish. It will just take the time to find her spaceship and to check the fees for interstellar parcels.

without feet !

We haven't find the final words but..wait a minute..that's one!
Lots of kisses and see you soon. We'll take the road again in 3 weeks, leaving from Darwin to Perth along the west coast.

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